Transforming the world through women and girls (of color).



TOFi™ Foundation, Inc. is the separate philanthropic pillar of TOFi™ International, a unique investment firm dedicated to The mission of TOFi™ Foundation, Inc. is to develop initiatives to support the needs of women and girls of color through all walks of life - from cradle to CEO, including education, mentoring, personal and professional development, entrepreneurial training, and health and wellness programming.


OUR Chairman & President

The Chairman & President of TOFi™ Foundation, Inc., Tamla Oates-Forney, is fully committed to the mission and cause of investing in the future, one woman/girl of color at a time, due in part to her background and personal story of triumph.


OUR Projects

The TOFi™ Foundation, Inc. dedicates one-hundred percent of its focus and time to develop and lead opportunities for community outreach and advancement for women and girls of color in the following areas: mentoring, career and professional development, and resources and support that help women move from economic dependency to self-sufficiency.



Our Initiatives

The mission of TOFi™ Foundation Inc. is to transform the world by investing in a woman or girl (of color). Each philanthropic initiative of the foundation will be carefully developed to provide complimentary services, resources, and attributes to cultivate the community of women and girls it seeks to serve.




Our Purpose Partners

Purpose Partners are a group of preferred vendors selected by TOFi™ to provide products and services to TOFi™ investees, strategic partners, and other referrals.